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Policies, Procedures, & Monitoring Reports

The Board of Education is responsible for establishing the Ends and Limitations Policies for the District. Policies represent the outcomes or 'ends' that the Board is seeking for the District and the boundaries or 'limitations' that are set for accomplishing those outcomes. In addition, the Board has developed Governance Policies to oversee the operations of the Board itself and Board/Superintendent Relations Policies for supervising the Superintendent. District Administration develops and executes the Procedures – or the methods for implementing, achieving, and/or maintaining a given Policy. Monitoring Reports are presented annually to the Board of Education for each of the Ends and Limitations Policies. A Monitoring Reports is a comprehensive annual report presented to the Board of Education by Administration. The report summarizes compliance with a given Board Policy, detailing governance issues, management issues, and progress made toward achieving goals and objectives set in previous reports and/or by the District's Strategic Improvement Plan and the Board of Education's Success System.

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Ends Policies ProceduresMonitoring Report
 E-000 Mission,Vision, Values and Beliefs
 E-001 Programs, Services and Curriculum
 E001.1 - Ceremonies & Observations
 E001.2 - Summer School
 E001.3 - Adult Continuing Education
 E001.4 - National Honor Society
 E001.5 - English as a Second Language
 E001.6 - Comparability of Services
 E001.7 - Supplemental Educational Programs
 E001.8 - Physical Exams, Immunizations
 E001.9 - Purposes of Programs and Services
 E001.10 - Family Life and Sex Education
 E001.11 - Dissection of Animals
 E001.12 - Medication (Administering)
 E001.13 - Advanced Learning Programs K-12
 E001.14 - Home Schooling
 E001.15 - Career and Vocational Education
 E001.16 - Intramural Competition
 E001.17 - Infectious Diseases
 E001.18 - Drugs
 E001.19 - Staff Awareness of Student Use of Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco
 E001.20 - Students with Special Health Care Needs
 E001.21 - Management of Serious Allergies
 E001.22 - Bed Bugs
 12/05/13 MR E001-003 Science 
 01/08/12 MR E001-003 Science 
 11/14/13 MR E001 Summer School 
 09/06/12 MR E001 Summer School 2012 
 09/06/12 MR E001-003 Reading/Writing 
 09/19/13 MR E001-003 Language Arts 
 05/02/13 MR E001 Addl Educ Opportunities 
 02/07/13 MR E001-003 SPED Services 
 12/06/12 MR E001-003 E-002 2011-2012 
 12/06/12 MR E001 MagnetSchools 
 11/01/12 MR E001-E003 Math 
 11/01/12 MR E001-003 SS 
 09/20/12 MR E001-003 Media 
 E-002 Whole Student Development
 E002.1 - Student Conduct
 E002.2 - Suicide Prevention
 E002.3 - Trauma and/or Death in Schools
 E002.4 - Exchange Programs
 E002.5 - Participation Community Activities
 E002.6 - High School Interscholastic Athletics
 E002.7 - Social Emotional Learning
 E002.8 - Student Activities
 E002.10 - Extended Field Trips
 E-003 Academic Mastery & Whole Student Development – Assessment Standards
 E003.1 - Examination/Grading/Rating
 E003.2 - High School Grading/Assessment Systems
 E003.3 - Statewide Proficiency/Mastery Examinations
 E003.4 - Research: Testing
 BE MR 2012-13 
 TE MR 2012-13 
 VA MR 2012-13 
 E-004 Graduation Requirements
 E004.1 - Graduation Requirements
 MR 2012-13 
 E-010 Strategic Roadmap and Annual Goals
 E010.1 - SIT Procedures
 E-020 Financial Management
 E020.1 - Accounting Procedures
 E020.2 - Student Activities Funds
 E020.3 - Gifts & Grants
 E020.4 - Receiving Goods & Services
 E020.5 - Budget Transfers
 E020.6 - Fraud Prevention
 E020.7 - Income
 E020.8 - Fiscal Authority
 E020.9 - Fiscal Year
 E020.10 - Budgeting
 E020.11 - Sale of Town Property
 E020.12 - Budget Preparation
 E020.13 - Tuition Students
 E020.14 - Staff Activity Expense Reimbursement
 MR 2013 
 MR 2012 
 E-040 Effective Learning Environment
 E040.1 - School Calendar
 E040.2 - School Day
 E040.3 - Attendance
 E040.4 - Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Agreement
 E040.5 - Bring Your Own Device
 E040.11 - Controversial Issues
 E040.12 - Handbooks
 E040.14 - Student Dismissal
 E040.15 - Beepers, Cells, and Pagers
 E040.16 - Student Admission and Placement
 E040.17 - Assigning Student to Teachers and Classes
 E040.18 - Promotion, Acceleration and Retention
 E040.19 - Academic Freedom
 E040.20 - Transfers of Students Among Schools
 E040.21 - Class Size
 E040.22 - Differentiated Instruction
 E040.23 - Homework
 E040.24 - Lesson Plans
 E040.25 - Use of Commercially Produced Video Recordings
 E040.26 - Books, Equipment and Materials
 E040.27 - Relations and Communications with Independent Schools, Colleges and Universities
 E040.28 - On-Campus Recruitment
 E040.29 - Directory Information
 MR 2012-13 
 E-045 Technology
 E-050 Management of Human Resources
 E050.1 - Use of Technology/Electronic Media
 E050.4 - Political Activities of School Employees
 E050.5 - Prevention of Disease Transmission in Schools- HIV/AIDS
 E050.6 - Prevention of Disease Transmission in Schools - Blood Borne
 E050.7 - Concept and Roles in Personnel
 E050.8 - Lines of Responsibility
 E050.9 - Organizational Charts
 E050.10 - Differentiated Staffing
 E050.11 - Personnel Records
 MR 2012-13 
 E-051 Other District Administrative Operations
 E051.1 - Organizational Plan
 E051.2 - Use of School Facilities
 E051.3 - Rental of School Facilities
 E051.4 - Transportation
 E051.5 - Transportation, Non-Public Schools
 E051.6 - Solicitation & Advertising in Schools
 E051.7 - Attorney Services
 E051.8 - Wellness
 E051.9 - Materials/Services Fees, Fines and Charges
 E051.10 - Enrollment Distribution Among Schools
 E051.11 - Research Projects and Surveys
 E051.12 - Forecasting Enrollments
 E051.13 - School Attendance Districts
 E051.14 - Resident Students
 E051.15 - Magnet Schools and Enrollment Distribution Among Schools
 E051.16 - Safety and Security of Pupils, Personnel and School Buildings;Emergency Closings
 E051.17 - Hazardous Materials in Schools - Pesticide Application
 E051.18 - Bomb Threat
 E051.19 - Emergency and Disaster Preparedness
 E051.20 - Aims for School Operations
 E051.21 - Mail and Delivery
 E051.22 - Food Service
 E051.23 - Planning for Use of Facilities
 E051.24 - Concept and Roles in New Construction and Facilities
 E051.25 - Capital Projects
 E051.26 - Developing Educational Specifications
 E051.27 - Special Transportation for Trips
 E051.28 - Employee Borrowing of A/V and Computer Equipment
 E051.29 - Safety
 E051.30 - Child Abuse Reporting
 E051.31 - Nutrition
 E051.32 - Accidents and Liability
 E051.33 - Student Driving and Parking
 E051.34 - Web Use & Publishing
 E051.35 - Recycling
 E051.36 - Sex Registry Reporting
 E051.37 - Free and Reduced Meal Eligibility
 MR 2013-2014 
 MR 2012-13 
 MR 2012-13 hf 
 E-060 Administrative Code of Ethics
 E060.1 - Nepotism
 E-070 Monitoring Reports
 E-080 Public Involvement in the Schools
 E080.1 - Contests
 E080.2 - Visitors & Videotaping
 E080.3 - Concept and Roles in Community Relations
 E080.4 - Student Participation in School and Community Activities
 E080.5 - Citizens Ad Hoc Advisory and/or Administrative Committees
 E080.6 - School Volunteers
 E080.7 - Relations Between Public and School Personnel
 E080.8 - Complaints from Members of the Public
 E080.9 - Soliciting Funds
 E080.10 - Access to School Procedures and Materials
 E080.11 - Law Enforcement Agencies
 E080.12 - Fire Department
 E080.13 - Elementary Birthday Celebrations
Limitations PoliciesProceduresMonitoring Report
 L-000 Limitations Global Policy
 L000.1 - Gifts to Employees
 L000.2 - Community Relations - Law Enforcement Agencies
 L000.3 - Administration
 L000.4 - Distribution of Agreements and Documents
 L000.5 - Sale and Disposal of Books, Equipment and Supplies
 L000.6 - Certification
 L000.7 - Sexual Harassment
 L000.8 - Workplace Safety
 L000.9 - Workplace Substance Abuse Policy
 L-001 Legal Requirements
 L001.1 - Civil Rights
 L001.2 - Non Discrimination
 L001.3 - Religion
 L001.4 - Pregnancy (Students)
 L001.5 - Internal Revenue Service Code Compliance
 L001.6 - Married Students
 L001.7 - Smoking
 L001.8 - Relations with Non-Custodial Parents
 L001.9 - Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity
 L001.10 - Equal Opportunity
 L001.11 - Emancipation of Minors/ Age of Majority
 L001.12 - Due Process – Special Education
 L001.13 - Employee Protection
 L001.14 - Equal Educational Opportunity
 L-002 Contracts and Agreements
 L002.1 - Insurance
 L002.2 - Contracts with Teachers and Administrators - Provisions
 L002.3 - Snow or Emergency Days
 L002.4 - Contracts with Non-Certificated Personnel - Provisions
 L002.5 - Certificated Employee - Retirement
 L002.6 - Orientation and Training
 L002.7 - Assignment / Promotion
 L002.8 - Performance Evaluation
 L002.9 - Non-certificated Employees - Resignation
 L002.10 - Separation / Disciplinary Action
 L002.11 - Non-certificated Employees - Recruitment and Selection
 L002.12 - Non-School Employment
 L002.13 - Substitute Teachers
 L002.14 - References and Security Checks
 L002.15 - Consultants
 L002.16 - Temporary and Part-Time Personnel
 L002.17 - Recruitment and Selection of Certified Staff
 MR 2012-13 
 L-010 Timely, Accurate, and Complete Information, Assessment & Analysis
 L-020 Professional Personnel Practices
 L020.1 - Code of Ethics
 L020.2 - Grievances Regarding Title IX Infractions
 L020.3 - Organizations and Units
 L020.4 - Professional Responsibilities of Coaches and Advisors
 L020.5 - Promotion
 L020.6 - Work Schedules
 L020.7 - Following Procedures, Practices and Assuming Additional Duties
 L020.8 - Performance Evaluation
 L020.9 - Tenure Status
 L020.10 - Resignation
 L020.11 - Personnel Reduction
 L020.12 - Dismissal / Suspension
 L020.13 - Non-Discrimination
 L020.14 - Professional Responsibilities
 L020.15 - Academic Freedom
 L020.16 - Solicitations by Staff
 L020.17 - Non-School Employment
 L020.18 - Consulting
 L020.19 - Compensation and Related Benefits
 L020.20 - Assignment of Certificated Professionals
 L020.21 - Professional Learning
 MR 2012-13 
 L-030 Aligned Operations Management
 L030.1 - Expenditures and Purchasing
 L030.2 - Maintenance and Control of Equipment and Inventories
 L030.3 - Paying for Goods and Services
 L030.4 - Energy and Resource Conservation
 L-040 Management of Resources
 MR 2012-13 
 L-060 Admin. Code of Ethics
 MR 2012-13 
Board Governance PoliciesProceduresMonitoring Report
 G-000 Governance Global Policy
 G-001 Board Membership, Authority and Self Governance
 G-002 Board Officers, Committees and Liaisons
 G-003 Board Operations
 G-004 Policy Stewardship
 G-005 Board Meetings
 G005.1 - Board Meetings
 G005.2 - Board Level Grievance Hearings
 G-007 Board Orientation, Development and Appraisal
Board/Superintendent Relations PoliciesProceduresMonitoring Report
 R-000 Relations Global Policy
 R000.1 - Board and Superintendent Relationship
 R-001 Superintendent Hiring and Dismissal
 R001.1 - Recruitment and Appointment of Superintendent
 R-002 Superintendent’s Evaluation
 R002.1 - Evaluation of the Superintendent of Schools

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